A9 Visp south bypass: no tunnel lights without switchgear cubicles

Highway tunnels need ABAG: By 2019 the Visp south bypass will be finished. The almost 32-kilometre stretch of A9 still missing between Visp and Siders is one of the last big gaps in the Swiss motorway network. Visp will in future be bypassed to the south by two tunnels: the "Visp" tunnel between Staldbach and west Visp, and the "Eyholz" tunnel between Staldbach and Gosshüs/Eyholz. The basic structures of both these dual tunnels have been in place since 2012.

ABAG is delivering 2000 switchgear cubicles for powering ventilation, lighting and auxiliaries in the Visp and Eyholz tunnels. ABAG draws thereby on the experience of its parent Burkhalter Group with the Zurich west bypass, and on all the know-how gained in course of the Gotthard base tunnel project. The high-tech switchgear combinations, redundant UPS and battery installations, pumping plants, tunnel fire detection, flow and visibility impairment metering systems including programming are designed by ABAG to ANSB Valais specifications and built, installed and commissioned by Burkhalter Group companies.